Garam Masala Podi SP- Special


South Indian coconut spice powder, or kobbari kaaram podi, provides flavour and spice to foods. “Kobbari” denotes coconut in Telugu, whereas “kaaram” signifies spice.

Roasting and crushing dried red chilies, lentils, coconut, and spices creates this delicious, versatile spice mix. To increase flavour, kobbari kaaram podi components are selected and roasted. Dried red chilies give the podi its fire and brilliant red colour, while lentils like urad and chana dal provide a nutty, earthy flavour. Desiccated coconut provides flavour and fragrance.

Roasting enhances ingredient flavours. Each component is roasted individually for best flavour and texture. Roasted components are pounded into a fine powder, while some varieties are coarser. Its flavour is complex. Its spiciness, tanginess, and subtle sweetness are well-balanced. Lentils’ earthiness and coconut’s sweetness balance the red chilies’ spice. Cumin seeds, mustard seeds, coriander seeds, and curry leaves are often added to the podi to boost its flavour.


Buy a Home made and Hygienic Garam Masala Podi SP-Special :

Indian cuisine uses garam masala podi or powder. Its aromatic, adaptable ground spice blend adds depth, warmth, and complexity to foods. “Garam” means “hot” or “warm” in Hindi, while “masala” is a spice mix. Garam masala podi usually contains cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, cumin, coriander, black pepper, and nutmeg. Other components including bay leaves, star anise, fennel seeds, and dried ginger give the combination its unique flavour.

Garam masala podi is meticulously picked and processed into a fine powder that unleashes its flavours when cooked. Black pepper adds spice to the sweet, earthy, and warm combination. Many Indian cuisines use its deep, welcoming, and tantalising scent. Garam masala podi is versatile and used in many dishes.

To maintain its fragrance and enrich curries, stews, lentils, rice dishes, and vegetable preparations, it is added towards the end of cooking. It adds depth to meat, poultry, and fish marinades.

Garam masala podi gives a dish depth and warmth. It blends Indian spices into a comfortable and intriguing flavour. Garam masala podi is an important spice combination that epitomises Indian food, whether employed in conventional or new dishes.


Have a blast with the “Arvy Foods Podulu” by following the listed precautions

*Preserve the powder in air tight container.

* Best before 6 months from the date of packing.

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