Trend Micro Service Level Agreement

Trend Micro Service Level Agreement: What You Need to Know

As a business, maintaining a high level of cybersecurity is crucial in today`s digital world. One way to ensure that your systems and data remain safe is to use a security provider like Trend Micro. However, before you sign up for their services, it`s important to understand their Service Level Agreement (SLA) and what it entails.

What is a Service Level Agreement?

A Service Level Agreement is a contract between a service provider and their client that outlines the level of service that will be provided. It sets expectations for both parties, including uptime guarantees, response times, and other performance metrics. An SLA is a critical document because it helps businesses ensure they are getting what they pay for, and it provides accountability for the service provider.

What Does the Trend Micro SLA Include?

The Trend Micro SLA is designed to ensure that their clients receive a high level of service and support. It includes the following key components:

1. Uptime Guarantee: Trend Micro guarantees 99.999% uptime for their services, which means that their systems will be available for use 99.999% of the time. This ensures that your business will have access to the security services you need when you need them.

2. Response Times: The SLA outlines the response times for various types of support requests. For example, critical issues will receive a response within 15 minutes, while non-critical issues may take up to four hours for a response.

3. Escalation Procedures: The SLA includes specific procedures for escalating support issues if they are not resolved in a timely manner. This ensures that you have a clear path to follow if you encounter any issues with Trend Micro`s services.

4. Service Credits: If Trend Micro fails to meet their uptime guarantee, they will provide service credits to their clients. These credits are based on the percentage of uptime that was not met, and they can be used to offset future costs.

Why Is the SLA Important?

The SLA is important because it helps to ensure that Trend Micro delivers the level of service that their clients expect. By outlining the metrics by which their services will be measured, it provides transparency and accountability. Additionally, the service credits that are provided in the event of an outage or other issue can help to offset the cost of downtime.

In Conclusion

If you are considering using Trend Micro`s security services, it`s important to understand their Service Level Agreement. This document outlines the uptime guarantee, response times, escalation procedures, and service credits that are available if their services do not meet expectations. By understanding the SLA, you can ensure that you receive the level of service and support that your business needs to stay safe online.